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Oct 09, 2018

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Offline Survival Manual App Description

This is a Survival Manual that works completely offline (it is important for survival in extreme situations)

Emergencies include information about fire, shelter, food, treatment and other useful stuff.

But it should not be used only in emergency situations - it can be useful to travel outside, hiking, camping, learn about nature, and actually travel. It's not just fun, but you can also train the skills (fire, shelter, ...) you may need a disaster. Some things work well with the exercise in the environment - then you have time for some experiments.

Refugees are also welcome to use this application to prepare and guide this fear tour. However, I hope that we can understand and prevent war in people's form so that people do not have to run and fear.


In the current political situation (big nuclear power, a dangerous person as president of the nation) I had to prepare for the scenes of Doomsday and find out the guide to good survival, which I can use offline.

There are some, but none of them is really good and right. Apart from that, there is no free software (FOS) on FDRs. So I wrote this software. You can find the source code on Github:

Welcome to Bridge Requests!

If you have a material improvement or want to help translate, you can use the wiki:

You will find this content:


- A look at stress

- Natural Reactions

- Prepare yourself

Plan and kit

- Meaning of the plan

- Rescue kit

Basic Medicine

- Healthcare Requirements

- Medical emergency

- Survival Steps

- Bone and joint injuries

- Cutting and sting

- Throwing

- Environmental damage

- Herbal medicines


- Primary security uniforms

- Selection in place of protection

- Types of Accommodation

Water conservation

- Water source

- Still build up

- Water purification

- Water filter equipment


- Basic Fire Theory

- Site Selection and Preparation

- Fire content selection

- How to make a fire

- How to light fire

Food Processing

- Animals to eat

- Traps and traps

- Kill devices

- Fishing equipment

- Store and store fish and games

Cervical application of the plant

- Plant qualification

- Plants for medicine

- Plant Various Programs

Positive plants

- How to toxin the plant

- Everything about the plant

- Rules for avoiding poisonous plants

- Conjunctivitis

- Burning poisoning

Risky animal

- Bugs and Arenas

- Leaking

- Bat

- Poisonous snake

- Snake Free Areas

- Dangerous lizard

- Fear in rivers

- Fear in bay and estuaries

- Fear of Salvatore

- Other dangerous sea creatures

Weapons, tools and equipment for the region

- Employees

- Association

- Weapon

- Other proper weapons

- Rope and Leashing

- Ruxak Surgeon

- Clothing and insulation

- Cooking and baking ware


- Terrain

- Environmental Factors

- Need water

- Heat sacrifice

- Caution

- Danger in the desert


- Tropical Weather

- Forest type

- Journey Through Jungle Areas

- Immediate thoughts

- Buy water

- food

- Poisonous plants

Cold weather

- Cold area and location

- Soft wind

- Basic principles of survival in cold weather

- Cleanliness

- Medical aspects

- Cold injury

- Shelters

- Fire

- Water

- food

- Travel

- Weather sign


- Open sea

- Seychelles

Correct water routes

- Rivers and streams

- Rapidz

- Rafts

- Floating device

- Other water risks

- Vegetable barriers

Find Regional Diagnostic Notices

- With sun and shadow

- With the moon

- With stars

- Improved compass

- Other media for direction

What's New in 4.2.1 of Offline Survival Manual

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