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1.4.5 for Android
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Dec 21, 2018

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Android 4.0+
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Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Eye Care App Description

Eyes get tired of reading the night over the phone?

Have you had problems seeing the phone screen for a long time?

This is due to the blue light. Blue Light is the visible light spectrum (380-550 nm) for circular regulation with your phone and tablet screen. Scientific studies have shown that retinal neurons have a serious risk of exposure to blue light and prevent melatonin secretion, a hormone that affects the circadian rhythm. It proves that sleep reduction can significantly improve sleep.

The blue light filter is used to reduce the amount of blue light by adjusting the screen in a natural color. Turning your screen into night mode can strain your eyes and give your eyes light when you study at night. Also, this blue light filter protects your eyes and helps you relax.


● Reduces the blue light

● Adjustable filter intensity

● Save electricity

● Very easy to use

● Built-in Screen Mooder

● Protect screen from light

Reduce the light of the blue

Screen filters can turn your screen into a natural color, which reduces the amount of blue light that influences your sleep.

Filters intensity

By pushing the button down, you can easily adjust the filter intensity to soften the screen light.

Save electricity

Practice shows that this screen can save a lot of energy as the blue light is diminished.

Easy to use

The mobile phone key and auto-timer function helps you to turn the app on and off in seconds. Very useful application for eye care

Screen pale

You can adjust your screen brightly accordingly. Get a better reading experience.

Protection against screen lighting

To protect your eyes, switch the screen mode to night and your eyes go anytime.


● Before you install other apps, turn off or close this application to activate the installation.

● When you take a screenshot, turn off or close this app while using the screenshot app performance.

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What's New in 1.4.5 of Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Eye Care

● Bugs fixed

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1.4.3 (63) 6.8 MB Android 4.2+ Oct 31, 2018 Download
1.4.0 (55) 7.9 MB Android 4.0+ Apr 19, 2018 Download
1.3.0 (35) 7.6 MB Android 4.0+ Oct 11, 2017 Download
1.2.9 (33) 7.7 MB Android 4.0+ Jul 19, 2017 Download
1.1.6 (17) 6.7 MB Android 4.0+ Feb 21, 2017 Download
1.1.5 (16) 6.7 MB Android 4.0+ Feb 09, 2017 Download