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5.6.4 for Android
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Dec 27, 2018

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Athan: Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla Finder App Description

Islamic calendar of new Islamic year (1440 Hijri) with ethan app.

Stay your prayer at the Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer Prayer and Ajhkr, Dikar, Ramzan, Eid, Hajj, Hijri Calendar Information Prayer, New Islamic Year Islamic Date To connect converter, inventor Cubala and Muslim society

Muslims have enjoyed many other features of the world's largest online platform economy - IslamicFinder

Another interesting feature located in the Athan mosque finder is to find nearby mosque, Kyubala Finder to track specific Kyubala and Islamic calendar Islamic events.

Azan alarm and prayer times:
Get the most specific prayer time for thousands of cities around the world
- Listen to transfers five times a day, enable Azan notifications / by alerting asthma
- Watch the remaining time for each greeting and see the exact day of certain Muslim prayers

Gregorian and Islamic Calendar:
Look at current Islamic and Gregorian calendar data
- Hijri -Gregorian date converter / Islamic date converter
Islamic Events Watch / Special List New Year 1440 Islamic Day - Like Hishari Asura, ID and Other Islamic Events -
See Umlula Calendar for the new Hijri year

Al Qur'an:
- Read al-Quran in Arabic and 45+ languages with transliteration and translation
Book to save your choice of Surah and Ayah
- Get 2 free translations and issues
Share something good with the Aaj Social Media app
See any word in the search bar, Surah or Ayah
- Adjust the font size and turn on / off translate and translator

Masan Dua and Supplier:
Along with English translation - Quranic and Muson delivery
Day Card Day to Strengthen Your Faith
Bookmark your favorite prayer to save and share it with the loved ones

Mosque and Cuban Finder:
- Find nearby contacts with mosques, institutions, schools and businesses, their contact information and directions
- Our Kyubala Finder feature can integrate thousands of cities around the world / Kyubala direction Kyubala inventor / compass Kyubala

Prayer Book:
Make a personal prayer time profile for you
- Learn your progress with the help of detailed graphics and timeline
- Follow the prayer by entering your personal prayer book
Never miss your prayers and receive notices about prayer.

In-app purchase:
Enjoy an easy-to-ad-free experience from around 7am worldwide
Buy a new Quran Pro-in-app for $ 1.99
Buy 2 additional themes by app purchasing
Get 42 different translations in 23 languages

Note: If the Ethan application gives you a wrong prayer, it is likely due to your settings. Automatically turn on settings to get the most specific Muslim prayer time for your location.

Second, please move your phone to get a specific Cuban direction and make 8 in the air.

تذكر ، إذا كنت تتبع مظاهرة الصلاة ، ليس لديك الوقت والصلاة والتحذيرات المناسبة ، والصلاة والصلوات أثناء الصلاة والصلاة. الصلاة ، الصلاة ، الصلاة ، الصلاة ، الصلاة والمساء
تطبيق التقويم الهجري / التقويم الهجري / التاريخ الهجري / التاريخ المحول / التقويم العربي / تقويم أم القرى

قسم القرآن الكريم ، س الكاف ، سورة الرحمن ، صور البراهرة ، سور الملك ، سورة ياسين وغيرها من الميزات الرائعة مثل الآذان والشمس. بالإضافة إلى جميع المواقف غير المريحة في جميع المواقف. بالإضافة إلى ذلك ، يمكنك بسهولة توجيه اتجاه cumbre من Kumbla إلى الاتجاه الكوبي. هذه المرة ، التقويم الهجري ، صلاة الأذان رمضان ، الصلاة ، الصلاة ، أوقات الصلاة ، القرآن ، أوقات الصلاة ، أوقات الصلاة ،

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What's New in 5.6.4 of Athan: Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla Finder

-Good News! Athan has come up with a better and cleaner version of home feed cards with an added bonus of a brand new home theme.
-Just the usual tweaks and fixes to make your Athan experience even better.

App Versions History

Version Size Required Android Published on
5.6.4 (2017032910) 36.8 MB Android 4.0.3+ Dec 22, 2018 Download
5.6.3 (2017032903) 36.3 MB Android 4.0.3+ Dec 04, 2018 Download
5.6.2 (2017032896) 36.3 MB Android 4.0.3+ Nov 03, 2018 Download
5.6.1 (2017032894) 36.0 MB Android 4.0.3+ Oct 10, 2018 Download
5.6.0 (2017032890) 35.9 MB Android 4.0.3+ Sep 18, 2018 Download
5.5.4 (2017032877) 36.1 MB Android 4.0.3+ Jul 03, 2018 Download